Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Reflection is powerful stuff. It certainly can be self-indulgent but I think far more often than not it can be very constructive. For reasons that I cannot easily explain I have been rediscovering my deep loneliness tonight. I am deeply blessed with many great friends and yet sometimes I feel alone and fragile. I have a very soft centre.This is, in reality of no great significance, life has taught me much and there is so much joy in the world Yet.life does remain a winding road.

The hardest things in my life have genuinely been the most valuable and I would not want to go back and change anything (if such a thing were possible) because to do so would mean giving up part of me. However the scars remain and sometimes they bother me.

When they bother me I write bad poetry. Sometime I might share on this blog a couple of works that I think are actually quite good. (For the record they are called My Father and If Only I could Change the World) but for now, I want to post the few lines I constructed tonight to try and describe my current thoughts and feelings. They will probably be impenetrable to all but me. For that I apologise.

Wonder Why

In the centre of a cloud,
I see glimpses of the clear sky.
In searching for the truth,
I just continue to wonder why;

Why am I alone in the centre of a crowd?
Why am I insecure and yet somehow proud?

A contradiction, I remain,
Each low must accompany a high,
Sometimes in joy, sometimes in pain,
I just wonder, just wonder why;

Why, so fragile is my identity?
Why am I wise to all but me?

My tired frustration burns,
I know the truth in my mind's eye,
Yet I feel not its power,
I just continue to wonder why.


sarore said...

I seem to be finding myself in a similar place very often.

useless said...

that loneliness is a dark place. I know I am there

Anonymous said...

any chance of adding your other poetry soon?

alienfromzog said...