Thursday, October 12, 2017


So, the ridiculous referendum occurred

There were ludicrous arguments and out-right lies.

Britain voted to leave the European Union.

Well, a slim majority of those who voted, voted to leave - actually only a third of Britain voted to leave.

And then the government activated Article 50, the legal mechanism laid down in EU law for how a country may leave.

The negotiations are on-going but as far as we can tell, are not fruitful.

The thing is, the Leave Campaign promised the UK a Unicorn. A bright sunny future which was all things to all men. Everyone who knows anything about this said it was impossible. The more time goes on the more it becomes clear that it is indeed impossible.

With this current incompetent government we will be very lucky to get a donkey. If they were serious a pony is achievable - not a thoroughbred but a pony. You see a thoroughbred is easy it simply involves revoking Article 50. However there are some outside the EU options that wouldn't be disastrous. However they would be but a pony compared to the thoroughbred of being one of the 'big-3' members of the EU (as we currently are).

And our government continues to promise us a unicorn.

And I despair.


P.S. I appreciate this is all analogy and assertion without the evidence to back it up. That is deliberate but if you want the evidence, watch this.