Monday, August 26, 2013

The Gospel According to the Daily Mail

I have written much in the past about my thoughts around the tabloid press and one publication in particular. If you are bored of this then I have good news and bad news. The bad news is I've started a new blog on the theme. The good news is it might just mean I talk about it less here. Maybe.

The Gospel according to the Daily Mail came about from a conversation with a Pagan friend of mine. She was teasing me for being quite conservative in many ways. She suggested that having a faith - as I do - was archetypally conservative (note the small 'c'). I challenged this with the notion of how deeply radical Jesus was. And it occurred to me to suggest that the way the Mail might have reported the occasion when men broke though the roof to lower a friend before Jesus would illustrate this contrast.

Thinking about it afterwards, it occurred to me there could be a rich vein of both comedy and hopefully meaningful comment. The Mail likes to style itself as on the side of Christianity whilst really what they stand for is hypocrisy, hate, bile and some romantic notion of Christendom. There are - sadly - some in our society who think that's what Christianity is. Well, this is my response.