Sunday, February 26, 2012

Thoughts from a railway platform.

Some days, you being gone doesn’t matter as much
On those days, there isn’t a strange hole in my world
On those days, I don’t think about you constantly
On those days, I can remember certain things:
I can remember that we were trapped;
I remember that life goes on
I remember that truth is always better than a lie
I remember there is so much hope for many futures.

Some days, you being gone doesn’t matter so much
On those days, my world makes as much sense as it ever did
On those days, I think about all the parts of life I love
On those days I can be so much more free;
I can be free to live
I am free to enjoy what I enjoy
I am free from the hurt and the sadness
I am free from the fears of what won’t be.

The trouble is, today isn’t one of those days
It’s one of the other kind of days.